Study Circle UK urges the European Parliament to verify information on Bangladesh

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British political expert Chris Blackburn said, many major media outlets in Bangladesh have published news without checking facts with wrong information from an NGO like Adhikar. An attempt has been made to spread sabotage in Bangladesh by publishing news with wrong information.

He said this as the main speaker at a seminar in a room of the Parliament at the invitation of Maximilian Krah, a member of the European Parliament, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on Wednesday local time. The seminar was held at the European Parliament titled ‘Misleading propaganda mission about Bangladesh’s democratic process and human rights – don’t know the right facts’.

Study Circle President Syed Mozammel Ali presided over the seminar. Member of the European Parliament Maximilian Krah MEP said, 10-12 years ago there was a lot of sarcastic news about Bangladesh. Now that Bangladesh is an example for many countries. Bangladesh has become a role model in South Asia for economic development, human rights practice, peaceful elections and development of the country.

Syed Mozammil Ali said that in recent times, it can be seen that many big media have published and disseminated many negative news about Bangladesh with wrong information.

The only reason behind this is that some people do not like the current government. Bangladesh is currently the 37th largest economy in the world, GDP growth in Bangladesh is faster and higher than many western countries. But these news are not published. Adhikar Adilur Rahman has been talked about in this European Parliament as a violation of human rights. He has been punished for spreading sabotage within the country and the media like BBC has published wrong news with the wrong information given by him. He requested the European Parliament to verify the information before making any statement.

Human rights expert lawyer Dr. Raihan Rashid said, wrong information leads people in wrong direction. Just look at the genocides in Rwanda and Myanmar to see how misinformation can lead to genocide.

There is a lot of wrong information in the discussions about Bangladesh in the European Parliament. They are discussed and commented on without scrutiny. It can be understood by looking at the genocide in Rohanda and Myanmar. Two things need to be investigated behind the spread of these misinformation. What kind of lobbying money is used behind these? Or what can be the purpose behind spreading these wrong information? Misinformation is being given about the human rights situation in Bangladesh. It is the responsibility of the European Parliament to scrutinize them.

Abdul Ahad Chowdhury, Organizing Secretary of United Kingdom Awami League, also spoke at the seminar. Belgium Awami League General Secretary Jahangir Chowdhury Ratan, United Kingdom Study Circle Coordinator Jamal Ahmed Khan, Gaurab 71 President Barrister Imran Ahmed Johny. Besides, Mahbub Hasan Saleh, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Belgium, was present in the seminar.

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