Your Privacy, Your Control

Imo brings in new features on Women’s Day to safeguard online privacy

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Instant audio/video call and messaging app, imo, has recently announced to launch a new campaign, ‘Your privacy, Your Control,’ on International Women’s Day, intending to offer enhanced privacy protection and ensure cyber security for the users. As part of this campaign, many celebrities including Tanjin Tisha have shared their experiences of using these features for a safer online space and enhanced privacy on social networking sites.

According to numerous data, cybercrimes such as hacking, blackmailing, and cyberbullying have been occurring regularly in Bangladesh. To be particular, online harassment against women, especially on different social networking sites, is on the rise as a recent study has found that as many as 64 out of every 100 women in the country faced some kind of online harassment and violence owing to a lack of safe online space. As far as social platforms are concerned, a user may face privacy issues at different stages of communication and there are by far no proper solutions to address these problems. In such a backdrop, imo has just introduced its new campaign titled ‘Your privacy, your control’ with a view to addressing the kinds of problems the users may face at different level of their communication to provide people with the safest platform. Through this initiative, imo is bringing in three advanced security features – ‘Time Machine,’ ‘Block Screenshot for Calls,’ and ‘Friend Request’. These innovative features will help the users solve any of the security or privacy issues faced by him/her in any stage of his/her communication with his/her connections.

The Time Machine feature will allow users to delete the selected chat history timelessly. Additionally, Block Screenshot for Calls feature will provide users with the opportunity to stop the person on the receiving end to take screenshots on calls. This way, imo users can avoid awkward and dangerous situations even after making connections with others. Besides, imo’s Friend Request feature will further protect users’ safety by prohibiting unknown/unfriendly people from reaching out when they are not a connection. imo’s R&D and product team have spent months developing these features to provide the safest, most seamless, and most stable user experience.

As the leading global instant communication platform, imo has always placed user privacy and security requirements first and has dedicated its focus to bringing industry-leading solutions to users worldwide. Now, via the ‘Your privacy, Your Control’ campaign, imo is offering innovative solutions to the privacy concerns regarding online platforms, especially for women. The features under this campaign will provide imo users with the utmost security in cyberspace, elevating their online experiences.

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