Seminer on contributions & constraints of NRBs: Planning Minister MA Mannan urges NRBs to invest in Bangladesh

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Planning Minister MA Mannan on Thursday urged Non-Resident Bangladeshi investors to invest on a large scale as the Bangladesh government has created a congenial and investment-friendly environment.

“Investment of non-resident Bangladeshis is limited to small areas like restaurants and petrol pumps. I request them to pay attention to expanding their areas for investment,” he said

The planning minister was the chief guest at the event while the state minister for cultural affairs KM Khaled delivered his speech as the special guest.

K M Khaled urged the NRBs to go for long-term investment without expecting immediate profit for the betterment of the country.”It is very sad to say that the NRBs are not interested in any heavy industry. It will be better to focus on long-term investment,” he said.

President of the NRB Club Shahzada Hamid said, NRBs is not just an association. There are many NRBs in the abroad, they don’t know our mother tongue Bengali. As a result, it shows reluctance to invest in the country. The culture of Bangladesh is being erased from their minds. We are working to involve them in the domestic economy by utilizing our experiences in the economic growth of the country and encourage them towards the share market. ‍

Member of the parliamentary standing committee on Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Mouazzam Hossain Ratan, Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen, Executive Chairman of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) Lokman Hossai Miah, director general of BMET Shahidul Alam, General secretary of the club Reza Karim, also spoke at the event.

On the occasion of 15th August month of mourning, everyone observes 1 (one) minute silence.

NRBs from all over the world came along to form a club in order to defend and advance their rights in Bangladesh.


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