Changing the Digital Security Act is not the solution, cancel it immediately: TIB  

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Dhaka, 12 April 2023: Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has demanded the immediate of this restrictive law stating that amending the Digital Security Act is not a solution.  According to the organization, the unacceptability of this Act is not limited to the numerous clauses that violate fundamental rights. Rather, as a result of arbitrary misuse of the law, the insecurity that has developed in the media, civil society and ordinary people in the name of digital security,

That is why the organization has called for a new law to be made only for the security of digital infrastructure and its modern use in the light of international experience in the relevant sector by canceling the law completely.

In a statement sent to the media, the executive director of TIB. Iftekharuzzaman said,

Media in unconstitutional process in the name of digital security through Digital Security Act,

Panic and insecurity has been created for the civil society and ordinary people. We demand the immediate repeal of the Act.  Since its enactment in 2018, the arbitrary misuse of various restrictive clauses of the Act has proved beyond doubt that, The Act violates the constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression. This law, which takes away the freedom of media and punishes dissidents, is against the spirit of freedom.

 This Act has been used so arbitrarily as a tool to convert a section of law enforcement agencies into law breakers that, Suppression of dissent, silencing of media, torture of minorities, late-night pick-ups, arrests with cases after long disappearances, even torture in custody after arrest, insecurity and death have become normal.

On the other hand, this law is widely misused in a discriminatory manner as a strategy to suppress free thought, religious neutrality and non-communal values. Similarly, this Act is playing a role of facilitator in the alarming growth of sectarian, fundamentalist and radical fanaticism. Even though the government is talking about amending this law, there is no other way but to cancel this law completely.

In an increasingly IT-dependent digital Bangladesh, there is a definite need for a law that supports the safe and efficient use of digital media- TIB’s executive director said, By repealing the restrictive Digital Security Act 2018, We call on the government to take initiatives to enact new cyber security laws solely for the purpose of securing digital infrastructure and its use.


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