‘President’s Industrial Development Award 2021’ 20 industrial establishments in 6 categories

Staff Reporter: Dhaka 23 may2024: In recognition of the contribution of the industrial sector to the national economy, the Ministry of Industry has awarded the ‘President’s Industrial Development Award 2021’ to 20 industrial establishments of 6 categories for their significant contribution to the country’s economy.

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun as the chief guest presented crests and certificates of appreciation to the owners ‍and representatives of industrial establishments. Besides, they are being encouraged by recognizing the important contribution of businessmen and industrial entrepreneurs in the national economy.

As a part of such creative initiatives, the Ministry of Industries has been regularly awarding ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Industry Award’, ‘President’s Industry Development Award’, ‘CIP (Industry) Card’, ‘Productivity and Quality Excellence Award’.

The minister said that economic development has been accelerated with rapid industrialization as it has been in place for the past 15 years. In order to increase the demand of Bangladeshi products in the domestic market as well as in the global market, we have to focus on the production of quality products. At this time, the minister called on our industrialists to work with honesty and sincerity in producing world-class quality products.

Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun said, under the direction of the Prime Minister, 31 traditional products of Bangladesh, including Tangail Saree, have already been given GI certificate. A ten-year ‘National Productivity Master Plan’ has been formulated to increase productivity at the national level. ‘National Industrial Policy-2022’ and ‘SME Policy-2019’ have been formulated to accelerate the process of industrialization including setting up modern and up-to-date industrial plants.

Under the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Ministry of Industries is working to set up new industrial factories, modernize old factories and replace machinery to continue the dynamism in the industrial sector with a focus on labor intensive industrialization. If the ongoing march of development in the industrial sector continues, Bangladesh will become an industrially rich state before the scheduled time.

In the speech of the special guest, the Minister of Agriculture said. Md. Abdus Shahid said, we are lagging behind in processing, preserving and exporting agricultural products.  About 20-30% of our produced vegetables and fruits are wasted due to less processing facilities and lack of storage. As a result the farmers are affected and the consumers are also affected.

He said, annually our agricultural products are exported only about one billion dollars. But the potential here is very high, it is possible to earn billions of dollars every year by exporting agricultural products. At this time, he called upon industrialists and businessmen to increase investment in the agricultural sector of the country.

In the President’s speech, Zakia Sultana, Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, said that the Ministry of Industry is providing necessary sponsorship and policy support to entrepreneurs to achieve the goal of sustainable and knowledge-based industrialization. Besides, initiatives have been taken to establish a world-class industrial database and an industrial university.

This award is being given to a total of 20 industrial establishments/entrepreneurs in 06 (six) categories as per the classification of industrial establishments. These are – 06 in Large Industry Category, 03 in Medium Industry Category, 04 in Small Industry Category, 03 in Micro Industry Category, 03 in Cottage Industry Category and 01 in Hi-Tech Industry Category.

Ecotex Ltd., Pran Dairy Ltd. jointly stood first in the large industry category. and Mir Akhtar Hossain Ltd., 2nd is Square Food and Beverage Ltd., jointly 3rd is Snowtex Outerwear Ltd. And Square Toiletries Ltd.

Bengal Poly & Paper Sacks Ltd. was 1st in medium industry category, Basumati Distribution Ltd. was 2nd. And 3rd is APS Apparels Ltd. In the small industry category, The Reliable Builders and Concord Entertainment Company Ltd. jointly became 1st, Rangpur Foundry Ltd. became 2nd. And 3rd is Gunje United Ltd.  In the micro industry category, Fariha Green Mud Leathers Ltd. was 1st, ABM Water Company was 2nd and Deepled Laboratories Ltd. was 3rd. Blue-Star Agro Products & Industries won 1st in cottage industry category, Preeti Beauty Parlor won 2nd and Lehaj Salma Jubo Mahila Kalyan Sanstha won 3rd. Biz Solutions Ltd. is the only company selected in Hi-Tech industry category.

It is to be noted that according to the ‘President’s Industrial Development Award Guidelines 2013’ by the Ministry of Industry, the ‘President’s Industrial Development Award’ was started for the first time in 2014. In continuation of this, the ‘President’s Industrial Development Award 2021’ is being given for the 7th time this year.

In the ‘President’s Industrial Development Award Policy 2020’, the objectives, scope, determination of the number of award recipients and criteria, nomination eligibility, preliminary list preparation committee, application evaluation committee and nomination finalization committee formation and scope of work etc. are described. The Chairman/Managing Director (as applicable) of the President’s Industrial Development Awardee will be invited to various national functions and civic receptions organized by the City Corporation one year after receiving the award.

Minister of Agriculture was present as a special guest in the awarding ceremony under the chairmanship of Zakia Sultana, senior secretary of the Ministry of Industry. Md Abdus Shahid and FBCCI President Mahbubul Alam.

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