Suffering in Hajj: Religion Minister assures action against culprits

The Minister of Religion said that the banks which have made the pilgrims suffer this year will be removed from the list. Faridul Haque Khan.

He also said that agencies which commit such misdemeanors will not have their license renewed to take Hajj pilgrims in future. As per our law, a fine of up to 50,000 rupees will be given to whoever committed the crime. There is no doubt about it.

He said this at a press conference organized at Ashkona Hajj Camp at 9 am on Saturday.

In response to the questions of the media persons, the Minister of Religion said, ‘It has been said that there was difficulty in obtaining the visa. But we did not suffer. There was no suffering actually. I think it is said unnecessarily. Because when talking about suffering, at that time 87 percent of Bangladesh visas have been completed.

‘Most people are going to perform Hajj from India, Pakistan, Indonesia and our country. Visa completion rates for India, Pakistan and Indonesia were 49 percent, 51 percent and 53 percent respectively. But Bangladesh’s rate was 87 percent,’ he said.Faridul Haque said, ‘Other countries, whose Hajj registration was less, their visas were closed. Visas for Haj pilgrims from Bangladesh were not stopped for a second. They have tried to humiliate us by spreading false propaganda. Tried to slander.’

The Minister of Religion has admitted the complications in the bank. He said, ‘There were complications in two banks this time. One was resolved, within a day after the problem with the other bank.’

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