Perodua enters Bangladesh partnering with PHP Motors

PHP Motors a concern of PHP Family ,has tried up with perodua,a top Malaysian automobile brand, to assemble their cars and SUVs in Bangladesh and sell them in the local market

The Chattogram-based automobile company is set to launch four models of Perodua at an event in the capital today (9 May).

Mohammed Akther Parvez, managing director of PHP Motors, told The Business Standard, “We are going to launch Perodua ARUZ, a 1500cc 7-seater SUV; Perodua Bezza, a 1329cc sedan; Perodua MYVI, a 1500cc hatchback, and Perodua AXIA, a 1000cc hatchback, in Dhaka.

“All these brands will be launched in Chattogram at the end of this month.”

PHP Motors has terminated its agreement with Malaysian automobile company Proton and signed a new agreement with Perodua last month to bring its models to Bangladesh for the first time.

“Perodua has six models. We are working on all the models. Initially we will assemble four models of Perodua cars and SUVs in our factory and sell them into the Bangladesh market. The other brands will also be assembled and launched soon,” Akther said.

“Perodua uses Japanese technology and we are hopeful that we will be able to fulfill the demand of Bangladeshi buyers.”

He also said Perodua has been a top selling brand in Malaysia for the last 16 years with a 60% market share. “We hope that we will be able to take over the market soon.”

PHP Motors will continue providing after-sale services to buyers of Proton cars as per warranty agreements. “While signing the agreement with Perodua, we have included this condition to allow us to provide after-sale services to previously sold Proton cars and they have appreciated our commitment,” said Akther.

He further said, “We have over 400 employees and we can assemble 36 cars in three shifts a day, 12 in each shift. We first assemble the engine and then assemble the cars and paint them in our factory.”

Regarding the dream of selling cars “Made in Bangladesh”, Akther said, “Manufacturing a car requires more than one thousand spare parts. We are still not in a stage to manufacture all the spare parts in Bangladesh as the demand for cars is low. But, if we get support from all the stakeholders, one day we will be able to make this dream come true.”

PHP Motors established its factory at Saraipara Halishahar in Chattogram in 2015 with an investment of Tk400 crore. The plant became operational in 2017 and started assembling cars.

Beginning its journey, PHP grabbed around 20% of the sedan’s market share in Chattogram with its assembled cars. Its factory, which has been running at full capacity since 2019, is capable of assembling 1,200 units a year.

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