Indian High Commissioner meets with Industries Minister

Hopes to Cooperation in expanding business and trade

Holiday Post News. Dhaka, (21 January 2024):

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun has a courtesy meeting with India’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh Mr. Pranay Verma. It was held in the office room of the Minister of Industry at today.

At that time, the relevant officials of the Ministry of Industry and the Indian High Commission in Dhaka were present. In the meeting, both sides expressed hope to continue cooperation in expanding trade and commerce.

During the meeting, the Indian High Commissioner said that India is interested in supporting small and medium industries. Mentioning the SME sector as the backbone of the economy of both countries, he said, we can learn from each other. The process we have started of trading in rupees, we need to increase the opportunities for the businessmen of both the countries.

He also said that we are interested in importing from Bangladesh among all the products that India imports from other countries, which are available in Bangladesh.

He said that training opportunities for Bangladeshis are increasing in various institutes of India including ITEC.

The Industries Minister said, we can take India’s cooperation in the technology sector and for supply of raw materials for cement production.

He also said that there is a need to increase the scope of cooperation of similar institutions in India with Bangladesh BSTI and Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB).

In response to a question while talking to the journalists present at the end of the meeting, the Minister of Industry said, at present, fertilizers are being produced in the country’s fertilizer factories and there is sufficient stock of imported fertilizers. Hopefully, there will be no shortage of fertilizers in the coming season.



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