Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation’s Historical 7th march 2024 celebration

Staff Reporter: Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation (BSEC) Chairman and Additional Secretary Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman paid deep respect to the “Bangabandhu Mural” installed in BSEC premises on the occasion of historic 7th March 2024.

At that time BSEC Director Commercial and Joint Secretary Mr. Md Haider Jahan Faras, Director (Finance) & Joint Secretary Mr. Badrun Nahar, Director (Production & Engineering) and Deputy Secretary Mr. Nasir-ud-Daula, Director (Planning and  Development) Dr. Md. Belal Hossain and officers and employees were present.

Managing directors of industrial institutions of Dhaka region under BSEC along with representatives laid wreaths on behalf of their respective institutions at “Bangabandhu Mural”. After that, BSEC chairman and all the present officers and employees visited the BSEC’s “Bangabandhu Corner” and exchanged views.

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