20 cars of armed cadres brought into Dhaka to attack BNP rally: Rizvi

Staff Reporter: 

A ruling party minister is gathering armed cadres in Dhaka from all over the country to carry out an attack on BNP’s Saturday rally, the party’s Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi alleged today.

“We have come to know that a minister has sent 20 cars full of armed cadres from Chattogram to Dhaka. Armed cadres from all over the country are being accommodated at the University of Dhaka with an aim to launch attacks on the BNP’s grand rally,” he said during a press conference in front of the party’s central office at Nayapaltan on Friday (27 October 2023) night.

“No matter how much you [ruling party] try, you won’t be able to thwart tomorrow’s rally. People are taking to the streets spontaneously,” he added.

Meanwhile, the BNP leader also alleged that a total of 1,680 activists and leaders of the opposition party have been arrested in the last four days. Just in the last 24 hours, 660 leaders and activists have been arrested and 22 new cases have been filed against the party’s supporters.

Speaking about tomorrow’s rally, Rizvi said, “We have received a copy of the notice regarding the Nayapaltan rally from the police on WhatsApp. The construction of the stage for the rally will begin shortly.”

He also requested the activists to come to Nayapaltan in the morning instead of at night.

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