Mizan-Rajeeb feel insecure, said press conference

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Two former Ward Councilors of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC),  Habibur Rahman Mizan and Tarekuzzaman Rajeeb protested the death threats and brutality against Joseph, Haris and Anis. Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU), Nasrul Hamid auditorium press conference on Sunday. They alleged that we were arrested on the direct influence of an influential person. We are insecure after coming out of jail. We were arrested in a pre-planned case to make their nephew Asif Ahmed a councilor. But we are innocent. said in a written speech at the press conference.

The former councilor of Ward No. 33, Tarekuzzaman Rajeeb said, Tofayel Ahmed Joseph, Haris Ahmed and Anis Ahmed of Dhaka’s terrorist group are jealous of me when I am moving towards success at a very young age. I was arrested in October 2019 their own interests.  All this has been done to achieve the objectives of an influential person and his terrorist brothers.

Claiming that the nephew has been arrested in a case organized to make him a councillor, he said

Joseph-Harris family has been known as a terrorist group in Dhaka since the 1990s. But they want to make a political debut. Mohammadpur is the old sanctuary of their terrorist activities.

I was a councilor in that area. I was arrested with a plan to make their nephew Asif Ahmed as a councilor in my place. There was not a case or GD against me before 2019.

He complained that, after arrest search operation was going on at my house and office throughout the night and various intelligence agencies have tracked them down. However, after the operation of the team told the media that, I was no casino involvement. But that campaign was ‘casino campaign’.

He also said, “I have been accused of having huge wealth, which is completely false and fabricated.” Even Law and order forces did not get any evidence of my bank account abroad in their investigation.

Meanwhile, former councilor of Ward No. 32 Habibur Rahman Mizan said in his written statement, “I am not Freedom Mizan.”  Freedom Mizan is a convict. On May 7, 1996, my brother Mostafizur Rahman was shot dead in Mohammadpur.  Dhaka Judge Court awarded death sentence to top terrorist Tofayel Ahmed Joseph in that murder case. Joseph appealed against the verdict but the High Court upheld the death sentence. Later, the Appellate Division reduced the sentence to life imprisonment. Tofayel Ahmed Joseph’s brothers Haris Ahmad and Anis Ahmad were also accused in that case. Those who are sentenced to life imprisonment. Haris and Anis apologized to the President and were relieved. Even after being convicted, they did not have to go to jail.

Stating that there are still allegations of terrorist activities against them, the terrorist Tofail Ahmed Joseph, who was sentenced to life in the case of murdering my brother, was also released from prison after seeking pardon from the President in May 2018.

Joseph entered the field of politics holding the hand of elder brother Haris Ahmed. At one time Haris used to do Jatiya Party politics. Haris left the Jatiya Party and changed parties in the 1990s. Joseph was the head of elder brother’s cadre force. At that time, Joseph established a reign of terror in Mohammadpur-Hazaribagh and surrounding areas. Joined the notorious Seven Star Group led by another top terrorist Subrata Bain. Joseph’s terrorist activities are still going on. He said.

In 2019, in a changed situation, I was arrested during the anti-casino operation. Although before this there was never any case in my name in any police station. At that time all the allegations were made against me. Even my name was changed. My name is Mizanur Rahman orfe Pagla Mizan. But my actual name is Habibur Rahman Mizan.

The government’s campaign was an anti-casino campaign. Although I was not involved in any such activities, I was arrested completely unjustly. and Valuable documents, money, gold ornaments in my house were taken away. Which is not shown in the seizure list of the case. I still haven’t got it back. “I was arrested at the direct instigation of an influential person and with the help of top terrorist Joseph-Haris-Anis,” he alleged in the press conference.

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