Dhaka under pressure, suffering will increase

Expand to commercial activities in residential areas

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The Ministry of Housing and Public Works has formulated a policy to allow the establishment of commercial establishments on both sides of the 100 feet road in Dhaka.  If there is an opportunity to build commercial buildings in the designated plots of residential areas, the traffic and transportation pressure will increase. In addition to permanent commercial establishments, temporary shopping activities can also flourish on both sides of the road.

As a result traffic congestion will also cause public suffering. The main problem of Dhaka is population density and the flow of people towards Dhaka. Therefore, to solve the problem of the city, emphasis should be placed on reducing the flow of people towards Dhaka, say experts.

How many people will live in Dhaka, a limit should also be fixed. It is time to make a policy, the Minister of Local Government Rural Development and Cooperatives. Tajul Islam says  recently,

As the policy opportunities are created, many will want to take advantage of the opportunity to convert residential plots into commercial ones for a fixed fee in the hope of higher profits. As a result, employment opportunities will be created. But due to that, the flow of people from villages to the capital will also increase. Urban exparts says,

The Capital Development Authority (RAJUK) released the revised Detailed Area Plan (DAP) last year. There, the height of the building has been reduced to reduce the population density of Dhaka.The height of the building has been determined considering the area wise population. But through that organization, new policies have been made that will help to increase the population density. This is a contradictory position. Where Dhaka has four times more people than its capacity. Civil facilities have only one-third of the requirement. About six times more public transport than capacity. If commercial expansion takes place in this situation, the condition of the capital will be more deplorable.

22 New policy on terms and conditions Last May 3, The Ministry of Housing and Public Works has approved the policies for conducting commercial activities in the first and second phase residential plots of Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara and Uttara under RAJUK.  According to this policy, construction of commercial establishments will be allowed conditionally on residential plots on both sides of 100 feet wide roads. The Ministry of Housing and Public Works has taken the lead in formulating this policy. Rajuk has given assistance. However, stakeholders are expressing surprise that the policy was finalized without any survey.

A review of the policy has shown that commercial activities on both sides of the 100 feet road in residential areas are stated- Gulshan Avenue, Banani Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Rabindra Sarani, Sonargaon Township, Gawsul Azam Avenue, Garibe newaz Avenue, Shah Makhdoom Avenue, Shahjalal Avenue, Isha Khan Avenue and Alaol Avenue of Gulshan residential area will be covered under this program. Other areas under the jurisdiction of RAJUK where there will be 100 feet road, this provision will also apply there. Private housing projects can also expand commercial activities in this opportunity.

In this context, the executive director of the Institute for Planning and Development (IPD), urban planner Professor Dr. Adil Muhammad Khan says, Decentralization of Dhaka has become more necessary in the current situation.  We have been making this demand for a long time. In such a context, inviting more commercial establishments in Dhaka is unacceptable. Rajuk is not moving in the right direction. If this decision is implemented, the residential environment of these areas will be destroyed. Traffic congestion, congestion and public suffering will increase.

Rajuk city planner and director of DAP. Ashraful Islam said, ‘It would be better if such a decision was taken after a detailed study; However, Rajuk has been asked to conduct a detailed survey under the approved guidelines of the ministry. The planning wing of Rajuk has already started that work.

Rajuk Chairman Md. Anishur Rahman Mia said, Commercial activities have been approved in residential plots in different areas of Dhaka.  But due to the lack of any policy, many commercial activities have been filed along the 60 feet and 80 feet roads. Through this policy, the hitherto chaotic situation is being brought to some order. However, so that the plot owners are not encouraged, the fee for changing the class of the plot has been doubled.

Secretary of Housing and Public Works Ministry Kazi Washi Uddin said, Some roads in these residential areas had already been given commercial approval.There are allegations of irregularities and corruption in those decisions as there is no policy. A policy has been formulated for this. So that Rajuk can conduct the activities in a disciplined manner. He said, ‘Rajuk has been asked to change the class of residential plots after understanding the overall direction. They will carry out detailed surveys if necessary.


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