Bashundhara Tissue Earns “Prestigious Brand of Asia 2023-24” Award.

Staff Reporter: Bashundhara Tissue, the flagship brand of Bashundhara Group, has received the esteemed “Prestigious Brand of Asia 2023-24” award at the Global Business Symposium 2024 held at Hilton Hotel in Dubai. The accolade recognizes Bashundhara Tissue’s consistent excellence and its transformative impact on industry standards, establishing a formidable presence in Asian markets.

This momentous occasion was witnessed by esteemed industry leaders and dignitaries, underscoring Bashundhara Tissue’s steadfast assurance to quality, innovation, and its substantial contributions to the tissue industry. The brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality products has positioned it as a standout performer in the fiercely competitive local market.Known for its premium tissue products, Bashundhara Tissue has become synonymous with quality and reliability. The “Prestigious Brand of Asia 2023-24” award is a testament to the brand’s leadership and influence in the Asian market.

The Global Business Symposium 2024 provided an apt platform to celebrate Bashundhara Tissue’s achievements, aligning seamlessly with the brand’s superiority. This award reinforces Bashundhara Tissue’s position as a key player in the tissue industry, setting a benchmark for others to emulate.

Having dominated the Bangladeshi market for over two decades with an impressive 70% market share, Bashundhara Tissue, launched in 2000 under Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd., has set industry standards with relentless production, affordability, and widespread distribution. The brand’s eco-friendly certifications, coupled with its consecutive national Best Brand and International Superbrand Awards, highlight its dedication to superior quality and excellence.On the international stage, Bashundhara Tissue was recognized as Asia’s Greatest Brand in 2021. The diverse product range, including Facial Tissue, Toilet Tissue, and Hand Towel, underscores its dedication to meeting customer needs. Recent innovations, such as the installation of a high-speed Andritz machine and a CSR campaign supporting the Bashundhara Special Children Foundation, demonstrate Bashundhara Tissue’s commitment to hygiene, sustainability, and excellence in the global tissue paper industry.

The Global Business Symposium 2024, was a prestigious event recognizing outstanding achievements in business. Ambassador Notable leaders across Asia, were acknowledged as The Industry’s No. 1. The event showcased Asia’s Prestigious Brands, such as Emirates and Tata Astrum Super. Rising Brands Awards featured Spykar and Nestle LACTOGROW, while the “Marketing Meister” category celebrated individuals leading successful brands. The symposium concluded with the announcement of its next edition at ITC Maratha, Mumbai, on April 20, 2024, promising another milestone in leadership.


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