Public uni teachers start their indefinite Strike for withdrawal of new pension scheme

With the demand for the withdrawal of the “Prottoy” universal pension scheme, teachers at public universities nationwide, including Dhaka University, suspended all academic and administrative activities indefinitely starting today (1 July).

No classes or exams have taken place on the campus since this morning.”The protest against the new pension scheme has already begun with the suspension of academic activities. It will continue until the government withdraws the scheme,” said Dr Akhtarul Islam, president of the Bangladesh University Teachers Samity Federation.However, visiting the geography department of Dhaka University, it was observed that administrative activities that do not involve the teachers stayed open in the department.

The Faculty of Social Sciences building, however, remained closed.

“Some of the administrative offices are open. But all classrooms are locked,” said Fariha, a geography department student.

Nizam Haq Bhuiyan, general secretary of Dhaka University Teachers’ Association (DUTA), said they have called on a two-day-long activity with teachers’ demands.

“Our program will begin at 12pm in front of the Faculty of Arts today and continue til 1pm,” he said.

Today is also the 104th founding anniversary of Dhaka University. Students were seen attending the program at TSC amid light rain.

On 13 March, the government introduced the Prottoy scheme for employees who join public universities and other organisations that fall under the scheme from 1 July 2024 onwards.

However, those who joined these institutions before 1 July 2024 will continue to receive pension benefits as before.

n addition to public universities, employees working in autonomous, state-owned, and other statutory organisations, along with their subordinates, will also fall under the pension scheme, which is set to be implemented from Monday.

Public university teachers have been protesting against their inclusion in the Prottoy scheme since it was announced. They have vowed to continue their protest until the Prottoy scheme is withdrawn.

Meanwhile, the National Pension Authority said that they are ready to implement the scheme from Monday as per the government’s decision.

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