Turkey to opt for diplomacy to reach peace in Ukraine:

Staff Reporter: Sept 19, 2023 – Turkey will pay priority attention to diplomacy to reach peace in Ukraine, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday.

“Turkey is making efforts to end the Russian-Ukrainian war and establish fair peace and will pay priority attention to diplomacy in order to reach lasting peace in all conflict zones and increase the number of Turkey’s friends,” he said.

He pointed to the “window of possibilities to invigorate relations between Turkey and the European Union.” However, in his words, of paramount importance on this matter is the European Union’s position.

The Turkish leader expressed satisfaction with the development of relations with the United States. According to Erdogan, together with US President Joe Biden they have managed “to remove most of the bottlenecks in relations between the two countries and announced a decision to expand contacts with a positive agenda.”

The Turkish president also stressed the necessity of a fair reform of the international system and noted that many politicians share this point of view.

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