The main rituals of Hajj begin on Friday

Millions of devout Muslims from different countries including Bangladesh have reached Saudi Arabia to perform the holy Hajj. Makkah Meteorological Department said that the temperature in Makkah may reach 50 degrees Celsius during Hajj. Humidity will be 85 percent. The sky may be partly cloudy, which will be somewhat comfortable for pilgrims.

The main rituals of Hajj begin on Friday. However, before that, as part of the Hajj activities, the pilgrims will leave for Mina on Thursday. They will go to Mina wearing Ihram clothes and taking other things with them. After six days they will return as Haji.
Hajira Moallem from Bangladesh going under government management will be under number 7 and 8. And in private management, attendances coming through agencies will be under 3, 4, 6, 11, 20, 57, 59, 60, 75-77, 99, 101, 103 to 137 Moallem numbers. It has been decided to run the activities of Bangladesh Haj office for five days in tent number 24/62 for the assistance of Hajids in Mina.

Pilgrims from different parts of the world who come to perform the holy Hajj will go to Mina, about nine kilometers away from Makkah’s Masjid al-Haram, after performing the Isha prayer.
Staying there overnight is one of the Sunnahs of Hajj. At the end of the night, the worshipers will stay in Mina. It is mustahab to offer Zohr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and Fajr prayers here.

The next day, after sunrise, the pilgrims will go to Arafat Maidan, about 15 kilometers away. Standing in this Maidan is one of the main rituals of Hajj.


Pilgrims will walk on the way to Zikir-Asghar Minaret wearing Ihram cloth (two and a half yards of cloth of two and a half hands and three yards of the same cloth for the cloak). Some will go by car, some on foot.

As per rules, the official activities of Hajj are starting from next Friday. However, to facilitate the arrival of a large number of pilgrims to Mina, the Muallems will start taking them from today.

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