The humongous social responsibility acts by Bashundhara Tissue

Works and campaign for people with autism:

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‘Autism’ is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects some people among us. A recent study suggests that approximately 2 out of every 1000 children in Bangladesh grow up with Autism Spectrum Disorder. And Bashundhara Special Children Foundation has been providing basic education plus training of crafts to children with special physical or mental needs for quite a long time. Currently, 50 experienced teachers work with 278 children there. Although it’s not a common public knowledge, BDT 1 from the sale of each pack of Bashundhara Tissue gets regularly deposited to the Foundation’s fund for more than 20 years now.

Since the beginning, Bashundhara Tissue has been passionately fighting against all forms of impurity, not only by delivering top-notch hygiene products but also by upholding purity in all aspects including brand communication. Extended up to the context of autism, where misinformation and superstitions abound in Bangladesh, Bashundhara Tissue has taken up this commendable initiative to dispel those misconceptions and raise awareness about autism across the nation. It launched in 2022 embracing the theme “Bhenge Dei Autism-er Oshuddho Dharona”. Through various engaging digital media contents, Bashundhara Tissue has been challenging the age-old myths surrounding autism and replacing them with accurate, enlightening information. The brand employs multiple innovative and captivating techniques to capture the attention of the audience, leading to a spontaneous and positive response from readers and viewers. By undertaking this comprehensive effort, Bashundhara Tissues aims at educating the common people, debunking the impure notion that people with autism are a burden to their families and society.

Then, this year, the brand has aired an outside-the-box series of ad campaigns across various media platforms to promote awareness and inclusion for people with autism. This seeks to creatively challenge the perception of people with autism as burdens and urges the community to embrace and understand them. Themed as “Na Bujhlei Bojha”, this phase of the campaign hosts three commercials starring eminent actor Chanchal Chowdhury who is also the newly recruited brand ambassador of Bashundhara Tissue. These commercials are showcased on television and social media platforms. Additionally, the campaign also utilizes print media, local display networks, online portals, billboards, vehicles, and radio to spread its message effectively and ensure wide reach and accessibility. Moreover, a huge number of people are given an interactive hands-on experience of the campaign concept “Na Bujhlei Bojha” every day through a one-of-a-kind outdoor installation outside of Bashundhara City. At the latest stage of this journey so far, Chanchal Chowdhury has portrayed the character of a baaul in a music video, showcasing the essential message and understanding about autism in a clear and accessible language, following the traditional Bangladeshi style. This music video is being aired across radio, television, and digital platforms, while also aimed at reaching the grassroot people hands-on through various programs in the near future.

Also, Bashundhara Tissue has already launched the country’s first autism awareness website to practically provide people with necessary right information, being the reliable source of everything authentic whenever individuals seek to delve deeper into the subject matter. This website also hosts information on different support groups as well as educational institutions for persons with autism and experts for diagnosis.

Bashundhara Tissue has thus been fostering a sense of inclusivity and understanding, encouraging a more compassionate society that embraces the unique strengths and challenges of people with autism. And the brand is as committed to continue this workflow on autism at the upcoming times as well.


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