Proper management of river water activities is essential-Tajul Islam

Staff Reporter: LGRD Minister Md Tajul Islam said, that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has created a roadmap for the future course of Delta Bangladesh by formulating the Delta Plan-2100 plan.

Bangladesh being a tributary country, numerous rivers flowing from various sources in the Himalayas flow over our country and merge into the Bay of Bengal. We have to plan various development activities by ensuring coexistence with water in riparian Bangladesh. That’s why the local government minister has commented that it’s essential to have proper management of water development activities.

He said this while presiding over a workshop organized by Dhaka WASA and Water Development Board today to discuss the significance of the various directives given by the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina regarding the direction of Bangladesh’s future water development efforts and the specific course of action to implement them. Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Ministry Saber Hossain Chowdhury and Minister of State for Water Resources Zahid Farooq attended the workshop as honored guests. Dr. Nazrul Islam, the former head of development research of the United Nations, presented the keynote address.

Md. Tajul Islam emphasized on the restoration and cleaning of various canals at this time. Due to restoration of the canals around Dhaka under the initiative of the ministry, it has been possible to eliminate the problem of waterlogging in Dhaka city to a large extent. At this time, the minister pointed out that various bridges built on the country’s rivers are being studied through the Directorate of Local Government Engineering. Due to hydrological and morphological analysis, the construction of bridges is no longer causing any difficulty in the waterway communication system. Also, while constructing the village roads, they are being constructed without disturbing the flow of water. Besides, the local government minister mentioned that the roadside drainage system has also improved a lot.

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