Mosquito free Bashundhara residential area

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The capital’s Bashundhara residential area is now a mosquito-free area.Where there was an outbreak of mosquitoes even a couple of years ago. But now it is difficult to find mosquitoes there. There is no need to use coils, bats or sprays to repel mosquitoes or to avoid mosquito attacks, nor to pull mosquitoes.

Bashundhara is a planned and eco-friendly residential area of ​​Dhaka. Despite having wide roads, enough open space, there was a lot of mosquito infestation. Realizing the incident, the Bashundhara authorities took special measures for cleanliness. Mosquito control program is being conducted through Bashundhara Welfare Society. In particular, canals and water bodies are kept flowing and cleaned regularly, drains are kept running and cleaned regularly. Vacant plots are also being kept clean. Killing of mosquito larvae in the morning and killing of flying mosquitoes in the afternoon are carried out regularly. This is the benefit.

This residential area built in 1987, initially had four blocks, but now it has increased to 20. About 8 lakh people are living here.

The two City Corporations of Dhaka have adopted different strategies to control mosquitoes, but they are not succeeding. However, in the same city, the issue is now under discussion because Bashundhara has been successful in controlling mosquitoes under private management.

Dhaka City Corporation was formed in 1990. In 2011, the government divided the corporation into two cities, Dhaka North and South, to facilitate citizen services. In the 159 years of the city organization of Dhaka, there is not much success story of mosquito control. Only in the forties of the last century, the then health minister Habibullah Bahar responded by controlling mosquitoes in Dhaka. And now mosquito experts are paying special attention to the success in controlling mosquitoes in Bashundhara residential area. According to them, all housing societies should come forward to control mosquitoes like Bashundhara.

Mrs. Ranjana Kashem, a resident of Bashundhara said,   A year ago, I was suffering from mosquito infestation.

Using bats, coils, sprays and mosquito nets did not help. Bashundhara authorities have given special importance to mosquito control in the last three years, the benefits of which are now being reaped by all. Now there are no mosquitoes.

Syeda Shakila Haider Housewife, a resident of Bashundhara said, “There were a lot of mosquitoes in Bashundhara even a year and a half ago. Not now. Now I am relieved.

Mohammad Abu Toyeb, Bashundhara Group Press and Media Adviser said, ‘Basundhara authorities have been paying special attention to mosquito control for about three years. Government approved and eco-friendly drugs are being used. There has been success in identifying mosquito breeding grounds and taking measures. Medicines are sprayed to kill larvae in the morning and flying mosquitoes in the afternoon.

He said, ‘One of the reasons for mosquitoes in Bashundhara was that the canals inside the project were not flowing. They have been phased in. Mosquitoes do not lay eggs in flowing canals. Vacant plots were forested and swampy, Cleared by letter to plot owners. Those who did not were cleared by the Bashundhara authorities. Bashundhara Chairman has taken special initiative in mosquito control. Supervises mosquito control activities himself. Now we sleep at home without mosquito nets.

Karirul Bashar, Entomologist and professor of Jahangirnagar University said, It is good news that Bashundhara residential area has managed to control mosquitoes. Other housing societies can also take initiative like them.


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