Imported low quality wheat bran in the market

Imported low quality wheat bran is being freely sold in the market. Despite having the capacity to meet the demand, domestic producers are suffering due to import of husk. 50 percent of the flour mills have already been closed. If the production is stopped, besides the crisis, the price of flour will increase. Threat to animals Adulterated wheat husk is being sold in the packaging of reputed companies. Expert advice on ensuring safe animal feed. Traders have demanded to increase the import duty of husk to save foreign exchange.

According to related sources, the annual demand of wheat husk in the country is 21 lakh 90 thousand tons. There are more than 1,100 flour and flour mills in the whole country, producing 22 lakh 50 thousand metric tons. Even though the production is more than the demand, wheat husk is being imported at the expense of huge amount of foreign exchange. Due to this, the domestic companies are forced to stop the production of flour and flour as a large amount of husk is unsold.

Jasim Uddin Mridha, president of Narayanganj Flour and Flour Mill Owners Association said, Imported husks are of very poor quality. So these husks are being sold at a slightly lower price. As a result, the husk produced by the mill owners of our country is not being sold. We can survive if wheat bran imports are levied the same duty as flour imports.

At present, the import duty of flour is 38 percent, but the duty of import of wheat husk is only 5 percent. Farmers can import directly without any duty. Taking this opportunity, a class of unscrupulous businessmen are importing low-quality husks in the country and marketing them in bags of reputed companies. In addition to damaging the reputation of domestic companies, an unscrupulous group is selling low-quality wheat husk. Experts have suggested marketing of safe wheat bran besides stopping the sale of adulterated cow-fodder.

Deputy director of the Department of Livestock. Md. Nazmul Haque said, We are taking a strict stance on adulterated cow feed (husk). No one will be exempted especially if adulteration is found in imported husks. We have surveillance on the import of husks that are harmful to animals. He advised the farmers not to buy adulterated wheat husk.

According to National Board of Revenue sources, husk import has increased by more than 88 percent in one year. In the first six months of this year (January-June) 4 lakh 39 thousand 53 metric tons of wheat husk has been imported. 2 lakh 33 thousand 416 metric tons were imported in the first six months of 2022. The ongoing dollar crisis disrupted the import of food products and fuel, but the import of husks increased. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered to keep LC open for essential products but it is not being implemented. Ignoring the Prime Minister’s directive, a gang is importing substandard wheat husk to destroy the domestic industry.

Redowanur Rahman, (Sales and Distribution) Bashundhara Food Divisional Head said, “At present, more husk than the demand of the country is being produced in the country. Usually 30 percent of husk is produced from wheat. The husk produced in the factories cannot be stored for more than 4-5 days at most. Factories cannot go into new production if they cannot sell the stock husks. As a result, many factories have been forced to stop production. If it continues in this way, the supply of flour and flour in the market may increase and the price may increase.


Avanti Kumar Sarkar, (General Manager) Institutional Sales, ACI Consumer Brands said, The market is flooded with low-quality imported husks. We cannot sell the husks our produce. Imported husks are being sold in bags by reputed companies in the country by deceiving people. This is ruining our reputation, Many mills have closed. Ours is also on the way to closure. The production of flour and dough is being stopped as the husk cannot be sold. If this continues, the price of flour in the country will increase.

The reputation of domestic companies is being ruined by selling imported low-quality wheat husk in bags of reputed companies of the country. On March 6, the mobile court fined two traders for selling adulterated husks in Bashundhara husk wrappers (bags) in Hossainpur, Kishoreganj, At this time, 21 sacks of adulterated wheat husks were seized from them.


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