ICCB Puran Dhaka Iftar Bazaar 2023

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ICCB has organized this grand event of Iftar for the seventh time. Old Dhaka Iftar is a special tradition of Dhaka. And this initiative of ICCB is to introduce the taste of this tradition to the consumers of new Dhaka in a healthy way. So you don’t have to go to Chawkbazar in the hot and heavy traffic,  This iftar market has everything for the consumers of Dhaka North.  Iftar of Old Dhaka is now easily available at ICCB Iftar Bazaar in a fully air-conditioned, dust-free and hygienic environment.In addition to the delicious arrangement of Dhakai Iftar, there are a variety of Shahi items, pickles and fresh fruit juices.  The price is also quite within reach. It will run daily from 3:00 pm till 25th of Ramadan.


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